Cream of the Crop Goat Dairy

Cream of the Crop is a Family Farm Operation producing Real Goat Milk Products.  Brian has been farming for 20 plus years now and is a very knowledgeable in Dairy Farming and Herd Management.  We are milking Alpine and Alpine Crosses and making cheese and goat milk soap from natures best milk.  Real Goats Milk.

So visit our Cream of the Crop page on FB and LIKE it 🙂 To follow this journey we are on.


Cream of the Crop Dairy Farm has Alpine and Alpine Cross Dairy Goats along with laying hens, and a garden full of produce. Brian attended UT Martin and majored in Animal Science. He has worked on Dairy and Beef Farms for the past 20yrs managing herds and has won various awards for production and quality. This is Cream of the Crop productions 🙂 If you would like to learn more about our Dairy Farm feel free to contact us.



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